Favela Brass in The Longridge News

The recent donation of instruments to the project by the Longridge Band has attracted the attention the Longridge News, who ran a nice piece about us and the Longridge band yesterday. Thanks again to Shelagh and Dave Richardson and Fred Little for arranging the donation of the instruments from the band and to Joanna GavaghanContinue reading “Favela Brass in The Longridge News”

Favela Brass: The Highlight of a Post-College South American Adventure

Before meeting Tom Ashe and becoming part of the Favela Brass project, I had only been in Rio de Janeiro for several months and was already starting to feel like my time in Brazil lacked substance. Although my social life was improving and English teaching work was finally rolling in after a frustrating pre-Carnaval jobContinue reading “Favela Brass: The Highlight of a Post-College South American Adventure”

Thank you and Farewell, Joe Epstein

After 4 months of teaching trumpet at the project (as well as helping lots with our events and the day-to-day running of the school), Californian volunteer Joe Epstein is now returning to the USA to study for his master’s degree in International Relations at Georgetown University in Washington, DC. During his time here, Joe gaveContinue reading “Thank you and Farewell, Joe Epstein”

Thank you to Longridge Band!

Just as the prospect of an Argentina vs Germany World Cup final threatened to send the entire Favela Brass team into a state of deep depression, we’ve received some fantastic news! Longridge band, one of the oldest brass bands in the UK (dating back to 1845) based in the Ribble Valley, Lancashire, has just madeContinue reading “Thank you to Longridge Band!”