Designing our Favela Brass T-Shirts with Rosa Vento

Today we received a visit from Leticia, Priscila and Acsa from Rosa Vento, a creative studio space in the Largo do Machado neighbourhood of Rio de Janeiro. Leticia, Priscila and Acsa have very kindly offered to create a design for our forthcoming Favela Brass t-shirts and came to the project to get feedback from theContinue reading “Designing our Favela Brass T-Shirts with Rosa Vento”


We’re very privileged to have as our percussion teacher Carlos “Manguerinha” SĂŁo Vicente, director of percussion at the Vila Isabel samba school, universally respected professional musician, and music teacher with more than 10 years of experience. As well having mastered the musical and pedagogical side of giving lessons, including a thorough knowledge of the oContinue reading “Mangueirinha”

Thank You SigrĂșn and Icelandic Friends!

Favela Brass has a new live-in volunteer brass teacher! SigrĂșn Kristbjörg (centre in the picture below) is an Icelandic trombone and violin player who, following three visits to Rio over the last five years, has decided to return this year for a longer stay (and why not!) and luckily for us has also decided toContinue reading “Thank You SigrĂșn and Icelandic Friends!”