Pereira da Silva Carnival Parade 2015

Rio Carnival is finally drawing to a close and on Wednesday we did a parade through our favela, Pereira da Silva. A carnival parade inside a favela is not the norm – carnival generally happens in the city streets or in the “Sambadrome”, a specially built street with banked seating on either side in the city centre where the samba schools do their parades. As it turned out we got plenty of support from the families of the children and the locals, and we ended up with a really nice parade which also gave us an opportunity to show off our new t-shirts!

Big thanks to everyone who made the parade possible, and especially to restaurant ABCD for feeding us all at the end!

(Click image below to see all 138 fotos!)

One thought on “Pereira da Silva Carnival Parade 2015

  1. Hey, I am very glad to know about this Pereira da Silva Carnival Parade. It seems so interesting and fun. The video is also very enjoyable. My kiddos also took part in such amazing Carnival Parade at NYC venues.

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