Show at Rosa Vento

Yesterday the children played at a cultural space called Rosa Vento, just down the road from our favela in the Laranjeiras neighborhood of Rio de Janeiro. As you can see from the video below the kids played a great show and it was very well received by an appreciative audience:

Huge thank you to Rosa Vento organizers Letícia, Acsa, Priscilla and Isabella not only for inviting us to play, but also for all of the help with transporting instruments around, feeding the kids and setting the whole thing up (and all this on top of having designed our T-shirts for free last month!)

Thanks also to our teachers, the families of the children and all of the people who helped to make the event a success. Last but not least thank you Sami Kontola for making the first sales of Favela Brass T-shirts to the public!

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