New T-Shirts!

All of the children involved in the Queen’s Birthday Party organised by the British Consulate-General received a T-shirt with the logos of The British School, Rio de Janeiro, the Love GREAT Britain campaign and Favela Brass. Kindly, Andy Casterton, director of music at The British School, had enough T-Shirts made for the rest of theContinue reading “New T-Shirts!”

The Queens Birthday Party (2)

Yesterday the children played alongside children from The British School at the celebrations for the Queen’s Birthday put on by the British Consulate-general in Rio de Janeiro. They absolutely loved the experience of being whisked off in an air-conditioned bus to the prestigious Clube dos Caiçaras and performing alongside and getting to know the childrenContinue reading “The Queens Birthday Party (2)”

The Queen’s Birthday Party

Our students have been invited by the British Consulate-general in Rio de Janeiro to play the British national anthem at their party to celebrate the Queen’s birthday tomorrow, together with a choir from The British School Rio de Janeiro. Yesterday we had a final joint rehearsal with the students from the British School at theirContinue reading “The Queen’s Birthday Party”