Thank you to Alison Hawthorne, Vivace Strings and Solihull Music Service

It has been said before and it needs saying again: Favela Brass has great friends! Professional double bass player and Doncaster Youth Jazz Association alumnus Alison Hawthorn now runs Vivace Strings, a youth orchestra, as part of Solihull Music Service. Just before Christmas Alison organized a public concert and a cake sale with staff andContinue reading “Thank you to Alison Hawthorne, Vivace Strings and Solihull Music Service”

Filming with Lonelyleap Productions

Favela Brass will soon be featured in a 2-minute video clip for a major technology company, the main character in which will be budding trumpet player Gabriela. The production company tasked with making the video, New York-based Lonelyleap Productions, came to the favela to film all day on Monday and yesterday. Filming involved all ofContinue reading “Filming with Lonelyleap Productions”

Happy 2nd Birthday Favela Brass!

Yesterday we celebrated 2 years of the Favela Brass project with a party at local restaurant ABCD. As well as letting us use their space and providing food for the children, restaurant ABCD secretly created a cake especially for the occasion (thank you Dona Maria and Mariane!) Following a cracking show by the children, weContinue reading “Happy 2nd Birthday Favela Brass!”

Thank you Roman Sielert!

On Friday we said goodbye to our German volunteer percussion teacher Roman Sielert. On face value, a European teaching Brazilian percussion to Brazilian children may seem unusual, but it’s hard to imagine a better candidate for the job than Roman – he plays and understands Brazilian percussion to such a high level that he couldContinue reading “Thank you Roman Sielert!”