Thank you Roman Sielert!

On Friday we said goodbye to our German volunteer percussion teacher Roman Sielert. On face value, a European teaching Brazilian percussion to Brazilian children may seem unusual, but it’s hard to imagine a better candidate for the job than Roman – he plays and understands Brazilian percussion to such a high level that he couldContinue reading “Thank you Roman Sielert!”

Visit from Annaelis De Jong and Codarts Students

Yesterday we received a visit from Annaelis De Jong, head of the Latin Music Department at Rotterdam Conservatory (Codarts) along with students Diogo Carvalho, Mose Franssen, Klara Gallardo, Fernando Camas and Pablo Rodriguez. As well as helping with the lessons, the group brought with them 6 melodicas and a set of drum sticks, bought withContinue reading “Visit from Annaelis De Jong and Codarts Students”

Gig at the Market and New Volunteer Roman Sielert

Favela Brass just had quite a big weekend… On Saturday morning the children played at a street market in the Laranjeiras district of Rio, where we made lots of contacts, sold a fair few Favela Brass T-shirts AND the owner of the pasty stall decided to donate a tray full of pasties to the kidsContinue reading “Gig at the Market and New Volunteer Roman Sielert”