Visit from Annaelis De Jong and Codarts Students

Yesterday we received a visit from Annaelis De Jong, head of the Latin Music Department at Rotterdam Conservatory (Codarts) along with students Diogo Carvalho, Mose Franssen, Klara Gallardo, Fernando Camas and Pablo Rodriguez. As well as helping with the lessons, the group brought with them 6 melodicas and a set of drum sticks, bought withContinue reading “Visit from Annaelis De Jong and Codarts Students”

Sigrún’s appeal for monthly donations

After three months of teaching brass at the project three times a week on a voluntary basis, today is Sigrún K. Jónsdóttir’s last day at Favela Brass. Please take the time to watch the personal appeal that she recorded this afternoon, encouraging friends of the project to consider the possibility of signing up for aContinue reading “Sigrún’s appeal for monthly donations”