Thank you and Farewell, Joe Epstein

After 4 months of teaching trumpet at the project (as well as helping lots with our events and the day-to-day running of the school), Californian volunteer Joe Epstein is now returning to the USA to study for his master’s degree in International Relations at Georgetown University in Washington, DC.

During his time here, Joe gave trumpet lessons to the children three times a week, with whom he became very popular. We really hope that Joe will be able to get back here at some point in the future to see the progress of the students who he started off on the trumpet, and teach them once again.

On Friday we had a leaving party at the project – click on the image below to see the full album:

Joe, we’re extremely grateful for your help over the last 4 months, wish you all the very best at Georgetown and hope to see you back here again before too long.

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