Kids Adapt to Online Lessons

Given considerable safety concerns in relation to COVID-19, we stopped giving in-person lessons to our kids at the beginning of this week. But this does not mean music making at Favela Brass has been suspended. Each of our students has an instrument to practice on at home and we will now give lessons online–through Skype,Continue reading “Kids Adapt to Online Lessons”

Melodicas – Favela Brass’s Secret Weapon!

A big thank you to our UK donors, including long standing monthly donors, and all those who have been supporting New York Brass Band and Doncaster Youth Jazz Association‘s recent fundraising efforts for Favela Brass. One of the things that the money is being used for is to buy melodicas in UK, where they areContinue reading “Melodicas – Favela Brass’s Secret Weapon!”

Favela Brass in the Schools

In the first term of this year Favela Brass entered into partnership with 4 local state schools, taking on 72 new students between the ages of 8 and 10. We are pleased to report that the program has been extremely well received by the parents, students and school administrators and we anticipate further expansion ofContinue reading “Favela Brass in the Schools”

Carnival 2019 with the New York Brass Band

Favela Brass received a very special visit during Rio Carnival this year. The New York Brass Band are a 7-piece brass band who are actually from “old” York in England. Those who have been following the project for a while may recognise some of the names on this list: James Lancaster (tuba, leader)Stuart MacDonald (tenorContinue reading “Carnival 2019 with the New York Brass Band”

Two Appearances on the BBC in one week!

They say that lighting doesn’t strike twice, but Favela Brass has just appeared on the BBC two times within the space of three days! The first was playing own samba version of “Chariots of Fire right at the end of BBC One’s primetime program “Countdown to Rio”, which ran from 8:30pm to 10pm, before theContinue reading “Two Appearances on the BBC in one week!”

An Olympic Dream Come True?

This time last year we had absolutely no links with the Olympics. No contacts, no shows, no nothing. Then our French percussion teacher Yann Vathelet had an idea: “No, but wait, maybe the fact that you guys don’t have anything IS your Olympic story, maybe it’s all about the struggle of the kids and theContinue reading “An Olympic Dream Come True?”

Sandhouse Stompers Coast to Coast Mardi Gras 2016 – Thank You!!!

Great news! The The Sandhouse Stompers Coast to Coast Mardi Gras 2016 has raised £4385, smashing last year’s total and making a HUGE contribution to our ability to sustain Favela Brass. This is an ABSOLUTELY MASSIVE boost to the project! Not only that, the Stompers also managed to secure a donation of 3 plastic trumpetsContinue reading “Sandhouse Stompers Coast to Coast Mardi Gras 2016 – Thank You!!!”

Sandhouse Stompers Coast to Coast Stomp 2016

To donate to the Sandhouse Stompers Coast to Coast Stomp 2016, please visit our Just Giving page: Following the success of last year’s event, which raised £4,064 for Favela Brass, in just 4 days’ time the Sandhouse Stompers are going to do it all over again, with the support of Lancaster-based UK charity Volunteer inContinue reading “Sandhouse Stompers Coast to Coast Stomp 2016”