Favela Brass and Volunteer in Brazil

Favela Brass is very proud to announce that we are now being supported by UK-based charity Volunteer in Brazil (also known as VinB).

Volunteer in Brazil was conceived by its founder, Joe Howson, whilst he served as a volunteer in North East Brazil in the early 1980′s.

VinB founder Joe Howson

The charity exists to help individuals and communities in Brazil and Europe to create bonds of solidarity. Their primary focus is to support educational and small scale development projects in the urban communities of Rio de Janeiro and isolated rural communities in the region of Cristino Castro, North East Brazil. They also provide opportunities for individuals to volunteer in communities in Brazil and the UK, facilitate exposure visits and deliver experiential learning activities that raise awareness of poverty, injustice and the need for global solidarity.

We are honoured that VinB have seen fit to help Favela Brass and are very grateful for their support.

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