Filming with Lonelyleap Productions

Favela Brass will soon be featured in a 2-minute video clip for a major technology company, the main character in which will be budding trumpet player Gabriela.

The production company tasked with making the video, New York-based Lonelyleap Productions, came to the favela to film all day on Monday and yesterday. Filming involved all of the older children and lots of people from the community as well.

Although filming was a long process, the children really enjoyed the experience and there were a lot of laughs along the way.

The main classroom of the project was transformed for the filming and the changes that they made look great, so we’re keeping them – bonus!

Perhaps the most gratifying part was that when time came to actually make music, the kids played out of their skins – showing absolutely no signs of being fazed by the presence of all the cameras, microphones, lights and film crew.

Thank you to Lonelyleap and the major technology company (to be revealed at a later date) for choosing our project and thank you to the children and community for helping to make the filming such a success.

A special thank you also to Sister Regina for letting us use the football court at the Centro Assunção-Cenam at short notice and also to Claudio at ABCD restaurant for letting us use the restaurant as a filming location at the last minute.

We are all looking forward very much to seeing the video now!!

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Bindu Mathur

Bindu Mathur was born and raised in Vancouver, Canada and worked for 10 years in London as a TV producer/director, making science and history documentaries for the BBC, Discovery and Channel 4. She also made videos for international NGOs and has filmed in Asia, Africa, Europe, North America and South America. Resident in Rio de Janeiro since 2007 she is the owner of the award-winning Casa Beleza B&B in Santa Teresa, where she lives with her husband and two children. She is a long-time collaborator with Favela Brass including making films for the project. Her children also studied at the project.

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