Thank you Sigr煤n!

For the past three months we’ve had the immense good fortune to have had Icelandic trombonist Sigr煤n J贸nsd贸ttir living at the project and giving brass lessons to the children three times a week. As well as being a top-flight professional trombonist (she’s already done a world tour with Bj枚rk and leaves us to do aContinue reading “Thank you Sigr煤n!”

Sigr煤n’s appeal for monthly donations

After three months of teaching brass at the project three times a week on a voluntary basis, today is Sigr煤n K. J贸nsd贸ttir’s last day at Favela Brass. Please take the time to watch the personal appeal that she recorded this afternoon, encouraging friends of the project to consider the possibility of signing up for aContinue reading “Sigr煤n’s appeal for monthly donations”

Thank you to the British Embassy in Brazil

As part of the This is Great Britain campaign, The British Embassy in Brazil are currently producing a series of online cards about British people with links to Rio de Janeiro. Today I had the honour of being included as number #32 for founding the Favela Brass project. Great to see the project getting officialContinue reading “Thank you to the British Embassy in Brazil”

Super Keen Students!

We finished enrolment for the course this week with 31 children. Although the majority are from the Pereir茫o favela where the school is located, we also have a small group of 7 children from Fogueteiro, a neighboring favela. Yesterday they made the 45 minute walk here in the rain. Anyone who understands the general attitudeContinue reading “Super Keen Students!”