Painting the New Site on Good Deeds Day

On Saturday morning, 16 volunteers arrived at the project to paint our new second home at the College of the Assunção-Cenam centre. This kind and generous act was organised as part of International Goods Deeds Day, the volunteers putting themselves forward to help via the site of a Brazilian NGO called Atados. The painting wasContinue reading “Painting the New Site on Good Deeds Day”

Thank you, Chris Caulfield!

For the last two months, London-based (originally from Yorkshire) professional trumpet player Chris Caulfield has been giving lessons on a voluntary basis at the project. The language barrier didn’t stop Chris from getting on great with the kids and his lessons were a huge help to us. To get children off on the right footContinue reading “Thank you, Chris Caulfield!”

Thank you Roman Sielert!

On Friday we said goodbye to our German volunteer percussion teacher Roman Sielert. On face value, a European teaching Brazilian percussion to Brazilian children may seem unusual, but it’s hard to imagine a better candidate for the job than Roman – he plays and understands Brazilian percussion to such a high level that he couldContinue reading “Thank you Roman Sielert!”

Thank You Sigrún and Icelandic Friends!

Favela Brass has a new live-in volunteer brass teacher! Sigrún Kristbjörg (centre in the picture below) is an Icelandic trombone and violin player who, following three visits to Rio over the last five years, has decided to return this year for a longer stay (and why not!) and luckily for us has also decided toContinue reading “Thank You Sigrún and Icelandic Friends!”

Thank you Brendan Doshi and Lucas Allen!

Last week two of our volunteer teachers, Brendan Doshi and Lucas Allen left us to return to the USA. Brendan (first from left above), a professional Piano player from Chicago, was in Rio studying Brazilian music on a Fulbright Scholarship. Lucas Allen (below) was studying at Rio’s PUC (Pontifical Catholic University) as part of hisContinue reading “Thank you Brendan Doshi and Lucas Allen!”

Thank You Rowena Smith!

Not content with donating umpteen brass instruments to the project earlier this year, Rowena (or “Hoeweena…” as every Brazilian insisted on pronouncing it) came out to help us with the project for six weeks during October and November. Despite not speaking Portuguese (sorry Rowena, should have given you more of a heads up about thatContinue reading “Thank You Rowena Smith!”

Favela Brass: The Highlight of a Post-College South American Adventure

Before meeting Tom Ashe and becoming part of the Favela Brass project, I had only been in Rio de Janeiro for several months and was already starting to feel like my time in Brazil lacked substance. Although my social life was improving and English teaching work was finally rolling in after a frustrating pre-Carnaval jobContinue reading “Favela Brass: The Highlight of a Post-College South American Adventure”

New Volunteer Zélie Denis

Favela Brass has a new volunteer brass teacher! Parisienne Zélie Denis recently graduated from the Versailles school of architecture and has been in Rio since February, living in favela Pereirão just down the road from the project. After a visit to Curry Clube last month, Zélie expressed an interest in teaching at the project andContinue reading “New Volunteer Zélie Denis”

Joe Epstein – Our First Volunteer!

Recently graduated in International Relations and Spanish, Joe Epstein came to Rio from California in February, with a view to staying in Rio for six months teaching English and putting his talents as a jazz trumpet player to use in the local music scene. Little did he know that just one month into his tripContinue reading “Joe Epstein – Our First Volunteer!”